Policyholder Services

What You Can Expect
In the event of a claim, your Tompkins Insurance team will:

  • Work with adjustors and mitigation/restoration companies; 
  • Monitor the progress of the claim, explaining requirements, forms, time frames, and reservations or denials; 
  • Facilitate dialogue between business and carrier;  
  • Advocate on your behalf to ensure prompt and fair settlement. 


Customer Service 
For more than 100 years, Tompkins Insurance has been committed to providing unrivaled customer service to those who have trusted us with their insurance needs.

When You Have a Question 
Adding or changing vehicles? • A question about your bill? • Making a payment? Coverage questions? • Requesting a quote?

When You Have a Claim
Day or night, you’ll be connected to a live, licensed insurance professional who will take it from there.

Click here to report a claim.  

Customer Care Center — Open 24/7 - 1-888-261-2688